Pyoderma Grangrenosum and the effects of Manuka Honey

Mrs Katy Martin-Skurr1
1Taranaki DHB New Zealand, New Plymouth, Westown, New Zealand

The use of medicinal honey in wound healing is well documented in ancient times by both Greek and Egyptian healers.  With the discovery of antibiotics in the 1930’s use of these traditional wound haling products waned.  In recent times the appearance of antibiotic resistant bacteria has seen a resurgence of interest in non pharmaceutical healing treatments. Manuka honey has an effective anti-bacterial action against 60 types of bacteria.

This poster will present the care of Hilary who was admitted with an acute exacerbation of Crohn’s disease and went on to develop pyoderma gangrenosum at her ileostomy site. This rare but challenging, painful condition severely reduces quality of life.  The poster will explore  the practice of using manuka honey as a treatment for  Hilary’s pyoderma ulcers and the surprising results achieved.


Katy has 35 years nursing experience in surgical and outpatient services. She was instrumental in the introduction of ERAS (enhanced recovery) programs to the Taranaki District health Service.

Katy has been a Stomal Therapy Specialist since 2017 with a caseload of 270 clients.  Her practice is both hospital and community based.

The Stomal Therapy teams  enthusiasm, love of the job and passion to deliver the best service possible to their clients was influential in Katy choosing to commence a career in Stomal Therapy. Katy believes that she has found her “career happy place” in caring for this vulnerable client group.