Innovation in action – a review of a new skin barrier formulation for promoting skin health

Mr Paris Purnell1
1Hollister Incorporated, Libertyville, United States

Real innovation in ostomy skin barrier formulations is rare and despite the introduction of many new barriers into the ostomy market, irritant contact dermatitis from faecal or urinary discharge onto the skin remains the highest cause of peristomal skin complications at 94%. Alterations in the pH of the skin surface coupled with the presence of enzymes from this ostomy discharge can be directly attributed to the causation of irritant contact dermatitis. The approach of developing a specific skin barrier that assists in maintaining skin health through pH buffering is a novel approach to addressing this challenge. This poster  presentation illustrates a case study example of a new pH buffering skin barrier recently introduced into the UK, and subsequently into Australia & New Zealand, where positive outcomes were achieved using a skin barrier formulated with unique pH buffering characteristics.


Paris Purnell has spoken on a variety of ostomy-related topics at international conferences and local events as well as extensively published. His main focus has been the use of convexity with the stoma patient and he was instrumental in developing new guidelines for Patient Assessment for convexity which have been validated internationally. He is also focused on developing educational programs for developing countries to develop the ET Nurse role in Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.