PEG in – PEG out

Mrs Lorraine Andrews1, Mrs Theresa Needham2
1Omnigon, Epsom, New Zealand, 2Taranaki District Health Board , Westown, New Zealand

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies represent the intentional creation of a fistula connecting the stomach to the skin.  The definition of the word stoma is literally “a hole” yet the fistulas and skin complications associated with PEG’s seldom preset to the stomal service.

This series of two posters presents the care of Vanessa (PEG in) and Charles (PEG out).

Vanessa has lived with PEG feeding for 5 years.  Over the that time  she has been tormented by persistent tube site leaking resulting in a deeply eroded / ulcerated site which is extremely painful and reduces her quality of life. Vanessa’s poster demonstrates what can be achieved when patients and nurses work as a team, have good product knowledge and are willing to think outside the usual practice parameters.

After 25 months of PEG feeding and now post device removal Charles lives with persistent gastrocutaneous fistula causing consistent leakage, painful eroded skin and reducing his ability to complete his remaining life goals.  Living very rurally and with limited access to professional care Charles and his wife have demonstrated a high level of innovative skill in restoring his QOL.

Hoping that their experiences with help others both Vanessa and Charles contributes to the posters.


Theresa currently works as a community District Nurse in rural Taranaki.  She transitioned into community nursing from in hospital surgical  nursing concerned that she would lose clinical skills and be under challenged. The reality of community nursing has proven to be the exact opposite requiring high level assessment and intervention planning.

Theresa believes she is blessed to have found her ideal job while serving her community.  She practices from a holistic patient focused prospective and passionately believes in continued learning and sharing of knowledge.

As well as nursing Theresa assists in managing a farm with her husband.