A colourful idea for children having a Mitrofanoff / Monti stoma – from idea to end product

Mrs Lisa Naeher1
1Women’s And Children’s Hospital Adelaide, North Adelaide, Australia

The thought of any surgery can be daunting, but imagine surgery that alters the way that urine is passed. Imagine urine draining from your abdomen but in a controlled way. Imagine having to insert a catheter into your abdomen numerous times a day. This becomes part of everyday life for children and their families having a Mitrofanoff procedure.

Teaching children how to catheterise their new stoma can be a daunting and very emotional process for all involved. This presentation discusses the development of a colouring book aimed at 5-12 year olds to assist with learning the process of catheterisation. It will help children to come to terms with the technique and how to care for their stoma.

This is a resource that will provide a fun but informative approach to ‘weeing in a different way’.

The presentation  discusses the process used to develop the resource, engaging with consumers/running a consumer interest group and generating the content of the colouring book.

This project is the result of the Mitrofanoff Support Australia Scholarship.

I feel very fortunate to be awarded this scholarship and look forward to this resource being embraced by the children and their families requiring a Mitrofanoff or Monti procedure.


Lisa works at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital as the Stomal Therapy/Urology Nurse Consultant.

Lisa has a keen interest in improving the lives of children with stomas and continence issues.

Lisa a member of The Australian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses and is also a representative on the national Association’s Education and Professional Development Sub committee.

Lisa believes nursing is a very privileged occupation especially caring for children and families at vulnerable stages in their life. Being a support for the patients/families and making a small difference is what Lisa find rewarding.