Implementation of a multidisciplinary, nurse led clinic for cancer treatment related bowel dysfunction

Ms Carolyn Atkin1
1Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

With the introduction of new cancer treatments, patients are now living longer.  To reduce the impact on quality of life and better optimise support for patients, the consequences of these treatments need to be understood.  Patients may be cured but are left to suffer side effects of the therapies involved.

For patients who undergo pelvic radiotherapy and/or colorectal surgery, the post treatment gastrointestinal symptoms which affect quality of life are often poorly managed, with few dedicated services available for these issues.

This paper will discuss the implementation and function of a nurse led multidisciplinary clinic for patients experiencing bowel dysfunction related to cancer treatments.


Carolyn has worked at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as a stomal therapy nurse consultant for the last 10 years.