Peristomal medical adhesive-related skin injury: International consensus development

Mr Ian  Whiteley1
1Concord Repatriation General Hospital , Concord , Australia


There is a growing awareness of skin injury related to the use of medical adhesives within the specialty of stoma care. This is an important issue affecting the peristomal skin as it can lead to skin tears, blisters, and skin infections such as folliculitis. There is a demand for better education regarding the identification and prevention of medical adhesive-related skin injury. Because there are so few studies to guide practice, an international panel of stoma care nurses (SCNs) was convened to discuss peristomal medical adhesive-related skin injury (PMARSI) and document areas of agreement about prevention and management.


  • To reach consensus on a group of statements about PMARSI
  • Identify best practices in assessment, prevention and management
  • Identify gaps in research about PMARSI


A literature search was conducted prior to the meeting and the panelists reviewed the results and conducted additional searches of relevant literature. These results were used by panel leaders to generate a list of consensus statements for discussion at the meeting. An anonymous electronic response system was used to report level of agreement. A process of moderated discussion was used to achieve consensus; defined as 80% agreement on each item. Agreement was attained on 21 statements about PMARSI.


Peristomal medical adhesive-related skin injury is an important problem. Consensus on prevention and management strategies for PMARSI provides guidance to SCNs. Finding a common language to describe PMARSI will become best practice to ensure consistency within our specialty and potentially facilitate collection of data in this area.


Ian Whiteley is the Nurse Practitioner in Stomal Therapy and Wound Care at Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Sydney, a position he has held since 2005.

Ian has academic affiliation as a Clinical Senior Lecturer with the University of Sydney Nursing School & Concord Clinical Medical School, Discipline of Surgery. He has published in national and international journals on a variety of topics.