Seeding Stomal Therapy in Mauritus

Ms Sharon Boxall1,2,3, Mrs Elizabeth  English2,3
1Silver Chain, Toodyay, Australia, 2AASTN, , Australia, 3WCET, , International

Mauritius is a developing nation with a population of 1.26 million people. Ex-pat Mauritians living in Australia became aware of the work of Australian stomal therapy nurses in establishing a Stoma, Wound, Continence Program in Kenya and approached Elizabeth English to investigate options for postoperative wound and ostomy care education in Mauritius.  As a result Elizabeth English and Sharon Boxall visited Mauritius to run a  5 day programme wound and ostomy resource person course. There were 47 attendees. The program was funded by the Mauritian ex-pat charity COMMSSA- SACIM (Children of Mauritius Medical and Surgical Support Association – Society for Aid to Children Inoperable in Mauritius).  The success of this programme  will lead to further educational opportunities across Mauritius and ultimately a full Stoma, Wound and Continence program in a similar format to that run in Kenya 2013-2017.


Sharon Boxall is a Ph D Candidate at CUrtin University investigating skin characteristics related to chronic venous insufficiency. Since 2012 she has been a volunteer stomal therapy educator in numerous programs in Africa. She is currently working in Rural Serivices in the Silver Chain Group.