‘The OZtomy Nurse’. A series of YouTube videos and podcasts dedicated to education &sharing of knowledge relating to stoma care, products and scope of current stomal therapy practice in Australia

Mrs Felicity Rackham1
1Epworth Eastern, Box Hill, Australia

Stomal Therapy nurses have the ability to connect with ostomates, stoma nurses and the general public through social media networks such as YouTube, Spotify and other media platforms. These channels can be used to communicate educational material, make announcements on current events in stomal therapy and provide the general public with useful information. This fosters global engagement between nurses, ostomates and families which may help tackle gaps in knowledge regarding stoma care.

To date, no Australian social media outlet exists from qualified stoma nurses regarding ostomy care / information. Current educational material stems from individual ostomates, who share information that is anecdotal only. Effective communication from providers is not only critical for all ostomates, but possibly more so for those who may desire or require instant access to information in the pre-operative and post-operative periods, when access to a stoma nurse may not be achievable.

The Oztomy Nurse Project presents a free, public access series of YouTube videos and podcasts dedicated to the education and sharing of knowledge relating to ostomy care, products and scope of current stomal therapy nursing practice in Australia. The presentation will highlight the various chapters, from understanding stoma types and basics of stoma care, to navigation tips and helpful hints like exploring the Stoma Appliance Schedule on the Australian Department of Health website. Finally, a short visual preview of episodes will be displayed with instructions on how to access the content online and how to subscribe to online content via the OZtomy Nurse Channel.


Felicity is a Clinical Nurse Consultant in both regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. She qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2012 via the University of South Australia, graduated with a post graduate certificate in Stomal Therapy in 2014 and  is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Wound Care through Monash University.


This conference is proudly hosted by the Australian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses: www.stomaltherapy.com

One of the Association's major objectives is the promotion of quality care for a wide range of people with specific needs. These needs may be related to ostomy construction, urinary or faecal incontinence, wounds with or without tube insertion and breast surgery.

Patients/clients across the life span are provided with preventative, acute, rehabilitative and continuing care as required. Another objective is the maintenance and improvement of professional standards in relation to Stomal Therapy Nursing Practice to the highest degree possible. Recognition of the need for and encouragement of the development of specialist expertise in the field of Stomal Therapy Nursing underpins the Standards for Stomal Therapy Nursing Practice.

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