“On the verge of residential aged care” a continence management case history

Mrs Claire Dobson1
1SWSLHD, Peakhurst, Australia

Caring for a loved one with incontinence can be difficult. Add to the mix a client with dementia and it increasingly becomes a challenge emotionally, physically and financially. The issue often leads to clients being placed prematurely into residential aged care as carers do not have the coping tools and mechanisms to be able to manage the incontinence. Often they are unaware of local Continence services that can assist in the management of the condition and the burden of caring and the stress on the carer can be profound

However, help is available via Continence Advisory Services in most metro, regional and rural areas

I would love to present a heart-warming case history where a carer nearly placed his wife into residential aged care. With carer support, proper assessment and continence management strategies, this was avoided and a positive outcome was achieved


UK trained RN

Worked in Urology at Westmead Hospital, Urodynamics at Royal North Shore Hospital and set up the Continence Service at Bankstown in 1992.

Bankstown Continence CNC from 1992 -1998 then private sector as Continence Educator for 9 years before returning to Bankstown as Continence CNC in 2008.

Graduate Certificate in Continence Management in 1990  Graduate Diploma in Health Science Education Sydney University 1997.

CNC role:

–              a clinical component to clients over the age of 65

–              an education component, 4th year medical students, nursing staff and community groups

–              research and Quality Improvement

–              -health promotion