A new way to treat urinary tract infections

Ms Loreto Pinnuck1
1Monash Childrens, Clayton, Australia

Urinary tract infections are the most common nosocomial infection worldwide. Catheter acquired urinary tract infection represents a significant proportion of this group. The increasing risk of antibiotic resistance and persistence of biofilms have necessitated the search to find alternative forms of both treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections.

Children with neurogenic bladder are often required to perform clean intermittent catheterisation up to five times a day. Many of these children develop multiple urinary tract infections and some also develop antibiotic resistance.

Microdox is a solution  containing hypochlorous acid (0.009%) with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against multi-drug resistant organisms and established biofilms. This is instilled as a bladder rinse for both symptomatic urinary tract infection treatment and prophylaxis.

Discussed will be our experience of children requiring clean intermittent catheterisation and developing recurrent urinary tract infections with a focus on the impact of using the instillation of Microdox.


Loreto has worked for more than 30 years as a stomal therapist/wound consultant and more recently a urology clincincal nurse consultant