The importance of holistic approach to stoma care. A case study.

Ms Melanie Perez1, Ms Anne Mamo RN, BN, DipAppSc (Nursing), MN (ClinLead)2, Daniela Levido RN2
1St. George Public Hospital, Hebersham, Australia; 2St George Public Hospital, Kogarah, NSW.

This case study looks at the importance of providing a holistic approach to stoma care. The goal is to show the different challenges that arises in pouching a high output ileostomy, enterocutaneous fistula, and ileal conduit with foley catheter in situ. It also explores the impact of the different challenges on the patient physically, emotionally and socially. Additionally, it delves on the difficulty of discharging a patient with a complicated case, requiring different needs and resources. Finally, this case highlights the therapeutic and comprehensive care that the stomal therapy nurses provides the patient and their family.


Anne has over 20 years’ experience as a Stomal Therapist, currently working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant at St George Public Hospital.  This is a major tertiary referral hospital and also includes both trauma and Peritonectomy Services.  This results in a very complex client mix with many clinically challenging wound and Stoma issues. She has a great passion in advanced clinical problem solving and developing wholistic and individualised plans of care.

Daniela has over 10 years of Stomal Therapy experience and is currently working as a Stomal Therapy Clinical Nurse Consultant at St George Public Hospital. As a major teaching hospital and tertiary referral centre covering many specialities including Colorectal, Peritonectomy and Trauma the acuity and complexity of patients can present many challenges. Daniela is passionate about her role and the work they do at St George Hospital and has a special interest in patient centred outcomes and multidisciplinary discharge planning.