Granulomas what they are, how they affect ostomates and methods of treating them successfully

Mrs Cheryl Jannaway1
1Act Health, Monash, Australia

Granulomas  are small areas  of granulation tissue, that can be painful, bleed easily and cause problems with stoma appliances sticking leading to leakages.

My presentation is looking at the different methods I used to  treat granulomas and the results I obtained. I have seen a number of ostomates in stoma clinics in the ACT with granulomas and found difficulty finding information on how to treat them successfully.

The purpose of my presentation is to describe what granulomas look like, how they develop, what are the causes and the affect they have on an ostomate. I began by researching the different methods used by stoma nurses in Australia,  the UK and the USA by studying their clinical guidelines and research papers.

The goal of my presentation is to explain the treatments I used to treat granulomas and present case studies on  2 patients I treated and the results of the methods I used.

It is hoped that the experience I have gained from treating granulomas, explaining the methods I used and the outcomes, that clinicians will be able to use this information in their own practice.


My name is Cheryl Jannaway and have worked in the position of Clinical Nurse Consultant Stomal Therapy Nurse for 3 years. I have worked as a Community Nurse for ACT Health for the last 9 years.  I completed the stomal therapy course in 2010 at the College of Nursing in Sydney and became a Registered Nurse 21 years ago in the UK. I travelled to Australia 14 years ago with my husband and 3 children and now have 3 grandchildren. I have been elected as the President of the ACT AASTN for the last 5 years.